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April 3, 2021

Added to  'Collection'  98 team photos of Coverdale Aces, Coverdale Angels & Cobourg Angels

March 24, 2021

Added to  'Collection'  28 photos & newspaper articles from Ken Petrie collection

March 18, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Sports - Ken Petrie

Added to 'Collection'  23 photos & newspaper articles from Ken Petrie collection

March 4, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Softball - Margie Matthews

Added to 'Collection' 10 Photos & newspaper articles of Margie Matthews 

February 24, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Strength - Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast

Added to 'Collection'  27 newspaper stories and photos for Reverend Dr Kevin Fast

February 22, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Sports - Neil Cane Obituary

February 11, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Hockey - Gord Brooks 1957-1975

Added to 'Stories'  Hockey - Gord Brooks 1975-1987

Added to 'Stories'  Hockey - Gord Brooks Obituary

February 7, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Bowling - Cobourg Short Mat History

February 4, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Hockey - Steve Smith

Added to 'Stories'  Hockey - Steve Smith - The Goal!

January 31, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Shooting - The Winchester Plant - Opening & Closing

January 27, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Shooting - History of H.W. Cooey Machine & Arms

January 23, 2021

Added to 'Collection' 10 photos for Lakeshore Minor Basketball Association

Added to 'Stories'  Basketball-History of LMBA 

January 16, 2021

Added to 'Collection' 15 photos for Cobourg Dragon Boat and Canoe Club

January 14, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Softball - Marty Kernaghan ISC HoF 2002

January 5, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Rugby-Growth of Rugby in Cobourg

Added to 'Collection' 8 digital photos of Olympic Marathon runner Fred Simpson

January 2, 2021

Added to 'Stories'  Fred Simpson - 1878-1945 Olympian

December 21, 2020

Added to 'Stories' Cobourg Sesquicentennial 1987

December 18, 2020

Added to 'Stories' RBC Cup 2017 Jr A Championship - Nine Days in May

Added to 'Collection' Jerry Lawless CDCI West Gymnasium Recognition

December 14, 2020

Added to 'Stories'  Yacht Racing-1863 Lake Ontario Cruise

November 27, 2020

Added to 'Stories' Cobourg Cougars Junior B 1965-1971

November 26, 2020

Added to 'Stories' 223 Pages of Cobourg Town League Softball Stats & Awards 1962-2010 as downloadable PDF

Added to 'Stories' Mike Kelly with Guelph Storm and OHL

November 22, 2020

Added to 'Collection' 36 memorabilia items including 1961 CDCI Gymnastics team photo, Neil Cane photos, Cobourg Junior Angels medallions, Cobourg Angels Boys Baseball photo, 1977 Sommerville Atoms CCHL photo

November 15, 2020

Added to 'Collection' 20 memorabilia items including Neil Cane photos & crests

November 14, 2020

Added to 'Collection' 25 memorabilia items including Carol Radlo certificates, Neil Cane crests & photos, bowling photos, Dalewood curling photos, Cobourg books

November 13, 2020

Added to 'Collection' 35 memorabilia items including 1909 hockey team, 1954 Bantam hockey team, Cobourg Figure Skating programs, 1971 Hose Show program, 1956 CDCI crest, 1954 H.W. Cooey employee photo, Winchester rifle inlays & crests, 1937 Jack Mitchell photo. 

November 2, 2020

Added to '2019 Inductees' photos from 2019 Induction Dinner

October 23, 2020

Added to 'Collection' photo of Neil Cane with Cane brothers hockey team of March 1951

Added to 'Collection' photo of Cobourg Meteor Fastball team

Added to 'Collection' photo of trophy won by Don Ito "1968 National Kite Flying Champion 1st Sr Men's Slalom"

October 8, 2020

The Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame Launches Website

The Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame is excited to announce the launch of its website.

Over a year in development, the website provides historical information about sports, sporting events, athletes, builders and sports facilities in Cobourg, Alderville First Nation and the townships of Alnwick-Haldimand, Cramahe and Hamilton. Users can access over 1000 pieces of memorabilia, read numerous stories of the fascinating history of local sports, watch Galloping Ghosts football games from the 1950s and listen to interviews with sports figures from the area.

Liz Basinger, Chair of the Website Committee said “There is so much sports history in our area that the project just kept getting bigger and bigger. We finally decided to just launch the website and then keep adding content.”

The website also provides information about the Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame and how to submit a nomination for induction.

To explore the website, go to www.cdshf.ca

If you have any items that you would like to Add or Share with the CDSHF, please use the TELL US Form located HERE to share your stories and upload items of interest.